Welcome to the Mizzou Alumni Association's resource page for supporting the MAA brand. If you have questions or need a resource not provided online contact David Roloff, Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications at RoloffD@missouri.edu or call 800-372-6822. 

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What is branding?
One definition states that branding involves building a relationship over time with the consumer.

Who are our consumers?
Alumni, students, donors, Tiger fans and friends – just to name a few.

MAA logoWhat constitutes brand identity?
* Name
* Logo
* Organization colors
* Campus icons (like the Columns)
* Reputation
* Core values
* Audience perceptions/attitudes
* Organizational messages
* Organizational behavior

Brand identity goals:
* Convey what is unique about MAA - what differentiates us from other organizations?
* Generate allegiance (loyalty) over time.
* Produce increased support for Mizzou and MAA.

Brand identity factors:
* Mission
* Strengths
* History
* Emotion
* Organizational culture
* Interactive (two-way communication is important)

Remember, if you are a volunteer leader, you and your organization are an extension of the Mizzou Alumni Association brand.