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MAA Logo
This is the organization's logo. The Mizzou Alumni Association (MAA) logo design was re-branded in 2006 in a way that maintained its familiar features, while lending it a bit more boldness and stronger design. The entire MAA brand identity, look and feel stems from this logo design and its correct use.

The updated logo preserved the “MU shield”—one of the University’s strongest visual assets. Inclusion of the MU shield allows us to build on the connection MAA constituents have with MU's institutional brand.

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The vertical version of the logo is the preferred MAA logo and should be used in color if possible for most applications. The “TM” must always be attached to the logo in the bottom right corner.

An important element in the MAA logo is its clear space. This will ensure a consistent look to the brand as well as protect the logo from distractions within the layout.

To determine clear space, the width of the “M” in the MAA logotype has been defined as “X.” There should always be at least the size of the “X” around all sides of the logo.

Logo spacing
Points to NOTE
• The vertical logo is the preferred usage.
• The “TM” must always accompany the logo.
• There should always be clear space no less
  than the width of the “M” on all sides
  surrounding the logo.