Test Your Mizzou IQ

Think you know your way around campus? Or do you know the history, traditions and pride points of the oldest public land-grant university west of the Mississippi? Put your skills to the test and try one of the two games below.

Alumni with the correct answers are automatically entered into a random drawing of Top Tigers. Enter today and you'll have a chance to be the lucky Top Tiger selected to win a terrrrific prize!

Where Is That?
Try your luck at this monthly game for
Tigers who think they know the MU
campus like the back of their paws. 

Sure, everyone knows what the
Columns look like, but can you
guess where on the MU campus
the photo below is from?

Previous photos (and answers)
are posted on our
archives page. 
Enter your answer if you think you
know the location of the photo below.


This game runs through
Feb. 1, 2015.

Prize for this game: 
A copy of MizzouRah! Memorable
Moments in Missouri Tiger
Football History

MAA staff and their families
are not eligible.

Tiger Tradition
This is a monthly trivia game featuring questions about the university that only
true sons and daughters of Mizzou
might know.

Some questions will be hard; some
questions will be easy. But all of them
will be fun and informative regarding
history and heritage. 

Past trivia questions 
(and answers)
are posted on our
archives page. 

Current Question:

The Geyer Act was passed by the
Missouri legislature in 1839.
Articles I and II created the
_________ Fund and set up the
organization and powers of the

A: Columbia Educational Fund
B: Knowledge for All Fund
C: Seminary Fund
D: Flagship Fund

Enter your answer.

This trivia question runs through
January 31, 2015.

Prize for this game: 
A $25 shopping spree
at the Mizzou Store.

MAA staff and their families
are not eligible.


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