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who' who 2010-11

Marching Mizzou

Emily MarxEmily Marx, President
Hometown: St. Louis, Mo.
Year: Senior
Major: Music education

Additional involvement:
Sigma Alpha Iota (women's music fraternity), CMENC (collegiate music education group), several performing ensembles, Mortar Board, Jewish Student Organization, Residential Life desk attendant

Marching Mizzou videoPost-graduate Plans: I plan to teach elementary or middle school music.

Upon your graduation, what do you hope your impact at Mizzou has been?
When I was a freshman, I remember the incredible feeling of family I got from the veteran members of Marching Mizzou. I hope I have been able to help create this same atmosphere for the new members of Marching Mizzou and hope that this wonderful tradition will occur for many more years.

If you could be one Mizzou landmark or tradition, what would it be and why?
I would be Thomas Jefferson. It would be a lot of fun to watch everyone hanging out on the quad and getting dressed up by creative students from time to time.

Attending a university with over 32,000 students, how do you make Mizzou home?
I have made MU my own by getting to know people involved in many diverse activities on campus. I like how, despite there being so many people on campus, I can't walk around without bumping into someone I know.

About Marching Mizzou:
Marching Mizzou strives to combine school spirit and pride with music on the football field, in the stands and around the campus and community.

Why did you choose to join Marching Mizzou yourself?
I chose to join because I loved marching band in high school and wanted to experience band on a larger scale. The thought of being part of a 300-member performing ensemble was--and still is--very exciting.

How does Marching Mizzou serve Mizzou and its students?
Marching Mizzou has been around for 125 cheering on the Tigers. Win or lose, the members of Marching Mizzou are there to support the team and represent our school well.

What sets Marching Mizzou apart from other organizations you have participated in?
The main difference between Marching Mizzou and other things I have participated in is the visibility Marching Mizzou has on campus. While some of the other things I have participated in are smaller organizations with little visibility, almost everyone on campus has heard of Marching Mizzou.

What do you hope to take away from your experience within Marching Mizzou?
I hope to take away a feeling of teamwork and group accomplishment. Being a member of this ensemble means being responsible for yourself and your own part as well as trusting and working with everyone else in the ensemble.

What is one thing you have done to better or improve AASB?
During my time in Marching Mizzou, I have tried to encourage fellow band members to stay positive even when practices are long and hot (or cold!) and have created opportunities for members to get to know each other across sections.