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In 1962 I was a journalism major and a sorority member in charge of the homecoming decorations. I hired someone to make a big skelton of a tiger that we attached with short crept paper ribbons to look like fur. The tiger was darling if you like one with red and pink stripes. I think he was standing in a red heart with a clever slogan. It didn't win any awards. But now, fifty years later I am an artist who paints mountains and aminals in unusual colors. . .red, blue, orange, purple after a staid career as a journalist. . .

Barbara Lacy, '64


Here's another 2011 Mizzou Homecoming Highlight! "A Mizzou Proposal" =)     Click and watch.

Erika Navarrete, '09


My homecoming memory occurred a couple days before the game. I believe it was 1968. The Tekes partnered with one of the sororities to put up a homecoming decoration at their house in Greektown. The theme was "Up Up and Away" and it consisted of a giant tiger in a big hot air balloon. About 10 Tekes had gone over to the sorority to help work on the tiger and balloon in their downstairs chapter room.

Late in the evening, Leo Reuther and I crawled inside the tiger because we could better see any paper mache voids in the chicken wire frame. We continued to plug the holes wherever we saw light and didn't pay much attention to what was going on in the room as it had been noisey with laughter and talking all evening, and we were shut off from everyone. Suddenly the commotion stopped and the girls started singing. They sang a couple of sorority songs so we thought they were serenading the Tekes.

Their third song sounded more like one of our bawdy drinking songs and the next one would have made a sailor blush! As they continued with their renditions of the songs that made Doug Clark a favorite at the old Corn Crib, we peeked out through a small hole in the tiger and realized all of our brothers were long gone. Even after the singing stopped Leo and I were trapped inside the tiger. After about an hour, the last girls went up-stairs and we were able to crawl out of the tiger and sneak out of the house. Not sure if the girls ever found out about their secret audience.

Jim Barkley, '70

In the Fall of 1965 I was the late night disc jockey at KFRU doing a show called "Disc Derby." How ancient does that sound? One night I was given the enviable task of interviewing that year's prospective Homecoming Queens. I chose Leslie Anne Taylor as my queen though she didn't win. We dated and became engaged though ultimately it didn't work out. A month or two ago I got a call from Les. We haven't seen each other in decades. Since she lives in Connecticut and I live on the tip of Long Island, it's possible, no likely, that we will see each other again.


Michael Friedman, '67

In the late 1970's, our cheerleading squad initiated the now traditional M-I-Z, Z-O-U cheer. In those days, the Tiger Stadium at Faurot Field routinely held 75,000 fans. I will never forget that fall day, when we cheerleaders divided ourselves up on either side of the packed stadium with giant placards. Holding up the letters M, then I, then Z in succession to one side of the stadium, followed by Z-O-U on the other side. The fans were quick learners, and by the third round, each side of the stadium was yelling as one, to try and outdo the other side. The sound of 75,000 Tiger fans roaring M-I-Z, then Z-O-U, responsively at a deafening level, was something I will never forget! Like the reverberation, following a cannon blast, the sound of M-I-Z-Z-O-U, could be heard way beyond the now famous cheer's ending. It was terrific to return to MIZZOU's 100th Homecoming celebration, and be able to lead the roar M-I-Z-Z-O-U on the field once again!

Judy (Patton) Davis, '80

2011 was definitely my favorite Homecoming. I hadn't been back to 'ol Mizzou for more than a decade, but asked my husband to take me out for the 100th anniversary of Homecoming so I could celebrate my 50th birthday there. We took our two teenage daughters with us to see the campus for the first time. They loved everything about it--even all of their mom's reminiscing! Maybe someday soon they'll choose to become Tigers too and inivite me to come back again and make more memories.

Dawn Burger, '84

Came back to MIZZOU to celebrate Homecoming with my daughter who is now a diehard TIGER. So exciting to share all the traditions of homecoming with her. Plus at the end of the weekend--we got matching tattoos!!

Cary Weatherby, '79

Meeting a dear friend (also an alum) who I hadn't seen for thirty-three years and catching up. Didn't even know she lived in Columbia until I used the Alumni search function! Although way too short we had a great time!


David Yarger, '79

Early on in our relationship, my then-boyfriend/now-husband and I walked to the stadium with close friends, sat on the white "M" rocks and cheered the team on. I don't think we won, but it's a memory we'll always have, and a picture we still have framed. Our kids will grow up seeing it displayed in our home.

Jill K., '02


My homecoming experiences revolved around my Hobbitland social group and are a bit hazy, from lack of sleep:). We had a block of seats for all football games in which we anyways had a banner made from someones donated bed sheet with a slogan in which we carried around the stadium. Usually these had suggestive slogans concerning the other team or school. Great times and games.

One time a Hobbitland member drove his old beat up car in the parade. Last year was equally special and fun when ESPN Game Day was in town for the homecoming game and I got to watch with my wife, daughter and her boyfriend from the hill as the Tigers beat, at the time, #1 Oklahoma. Then pass the torch, as I watched with great pride, my daughter and her boyfriend charge on to the field to celebrate. What a special moment in time. Go MIZZOU. Long live Hobbitland.

Rich Moffitt, '80

I have great memories of marching in the Homecoming parade with my high school band, then going on to the stadium for the game where all of the different colored uniforms dotted the hill (those were the days when you got a free GA pass if you were in uniform). And, of course, the win over Oklahoma and starting Homecoming day with College GameDay in 2010 will always be a great memory. But one that is particularly sweet was the 2002 Homecoming. My husband and I, who met at Mizzou, had just gotten home from our honeymoon on Friday afternoon. We left for Columbia early on Saturday morning for the parade and then to the game where the Tigers had a 36-12 win over kU! It's always a good day when the Tigers beat the Jayhawks, but a win on Homecoming makes victory taste a little sweeter.


Kristen Marshall, '00


Last year my family, my boyfriend, and I sat on the hill during homecoming. We saw security come out to gird the field against the fans who were ready to pour onto the field after our win against OU, but we didn't care. We were going to run onto that field anyway! I may have lost my shoe and some of my blue jeans on the fence, but man, was running down the hill worth it to dance on the 50 yard line. Go Tigers!

Kelly Moffitt, Class of 2012


I greatly enjoyed the 100th anniversary of homecoming. I was delighted to march with the alumni band for the first time since my band days in 1981. My wife attended the game with me -- her first time in that comfy stadium. We emjoyed a campus tour, too, and I got to sit on a budget meeting at the Columbia Missourian, where I was a reporter and copydesk editor during my time in J-School. We ate at Shakespeare's pizza, had drinks at Harpo's, and lots more. Everything was wonderful. Thanks for the memories!

Photos: Marching into the stadium with the alumni band. After the game with my saxophone.

Dean Lampmam

When I was 4 yrs old my folks would drive around to see the house dec's when my Dad was in college. When I was in college, my folks came back to homecoming parade. This year my sister, who also is a Mizzou grad, and I went to the house dec's and she and my Mom went to the game. That is 50 years of tradition. 1/2 of Mizzou 100 years. Thanks.


Jan Judy-March, '80


My best friend asked me, her 2 sisters & our other friends to be bridesmaids in her wedding. Four of us are Mizzou alum and then one of her sister's is a current Mizzou student and her other sister is planning to go to Mizzou. What a perfect way to celebrate the 100th Homecoming!

Photo 1: She surprised us with scrapbook pages asking us to be bridesmaids at our tailgate! From left to right: Nicole Chow ('10), Kristen Farrell ('10), Katelyn Kinney (future tiger), Erin Kinney (the bride '10), Courtney Kinney (maid of honor- current tiger), Sarah Schwartz ('10), Sarah Danner ('10). Photo 2: Hugs for the bride-to-be.

Sarah Schwartz, '10

In 2004 after 31 years never returning to campus, my wife convinced me to go to homecoming. The night before the game we had dinner at the University Club where she presented me with the class ring I could never afford when I graduated.....

Russ Metcalf, '73


Tailgating with sisters, brother, nieces and nephew. Great place for a family reunion! (photo to right)

Brenda Goodwin, '79


Looking at all the improvements that have occurred over the past 30 years. Brewer, the Union, etc. It is a great experience to see the positivce progress that is beeing devoted to contiune to make MIZZOU a great overall campus.

Dan Witthaus, '79



As the final seconds ticked and the clock hit zero, a rush of gold covered the entire field to celebrate the culmination of homecoming, a Mizzou win over Oklahoma. All of the hard work put in by individuals who bleed black and gold received the opportunity to show off the homecoming tradition of Mizzou to the entire world.

As I reached the field that day to celebrate with the multitude of Mizzou fans, my cheers and excitement turned to a time of reflection. For my senior year homecoming was made special not by the game, but by nine other incredible individuals referred to as my Top Ten family. Sharing every bit of homecoming with these individuals at the blood drive, talent, service events, and many more taught me the true Mizzou experience is about the friendships you make. To those individuals who made my Mizzou homecoming, “There’s a spirit so deep within us, Old Missouri here’s to you.”

Andrew Lorenz
2010 Homecoming King


My favorite Homecoming memory is of attending House Decs during my freshman year at Mizzou. It made me feel such a connection to the University, and was touching to see all the alumni coming back to campus!


Krsitin Carter, '07


When I was a freshman and still didn't understand football date protocol, I was asked to the Homecoming game. I accepted, but then said yes to another date that night. My game date was furious and rightly so. His parents had come into the game and were expecting to taking us out to dinner before the party at his fraternity house. I cannot remember a more embarrassing Homecoming; however, I did learn the ins and outs for Homecoming protocol!

Barbara Bassin Grossman, '66


As Chair of Special Events, my committee thought it would be a great to have Tiger Paws painted all over campus & downtown Columbia for Homecoming Week 1984.  Because our paint was tested & truly washable, this ambitious idea was approved by the city & campus administration.  Leaving only one problem with our plan and that was having to go out and wash all the sidewalks on Sunday afterwards with or without a hangover.  We were undeterred and PAWed the town.  Although miserable, my committee was thrilled by our Homecoming's torrential rain.  There were no PAWs left to scrub.

Marci Hofherr-Zimmerman

I was in Marching Mizzou and one year...maybe 1983, and Marching Mizzou Club had the Homecoming Queen Margaret Hoxie.


Sarah Coale, 85

My memory is of my social history professor saying if it were up to the Alumnae they'd turn the library into a parking lot for football games. How right he was. Regarding the film which apparently was supposed to make one have a "Kodak moment" -- what I saw was the shocking lack of diversity on campus. The overwhelming majority are white bread, corn fed Midwesterners, just as it was when I attended in the 1960s. Or maybe people who aren't white find better uses for their time during Homecoming week. I love Mizzou, am grateful to it for friendships and an education that has served me well in my career. But a hundred year obsession with football and Greek life saddens me.

Karen Hunt, '71


The year that Diane Macinturff, my Alpha Delta Pi pledge sister and roommate was elected homecoming queen - back in the day when that was something special.

Elaine Malcolm


1. The final score;  2. Bob Stoop's expression

Jim Arnold

Warren Bass's baton performances during the 1960's

John (Tony) Sloan


I played the Tiger Fight Song on my Ozark harp at the Medical Alumni Banquet and we beat Nebraska the next day.

Max Heeb, MD