Move for Mizzou

Todd McCubbinAlumni advocacy is crucial to MU’s success, and the Mizzou Legislative Network (MLN) will be watching the following issues during Missouri’s 2010 legislative session.

•  The state appropriation for MU’s operating budget is always the most important issue. The appropriation remained steady for 2009, but the idea that this enables us to at least “stand still” is misleading. Our current budget is below what MU received in 2001. Since then, the university has had extraordinary enrollment growth. MU and other higher education institutions form a powerful economic engine in our state. It’s critical to the future of MU and Missouri that the state’s investment in higher education not continue to languish.

•  It has been almost a decade since the state has provided capital funds for projects at public higher education institutions. We support the university’s capital request of $50 million for the reconstruction of the College of Engineering’s Lafferre Hall, as well as an addition to the building. We also support the request for almost $18 million in critical deferred maintenance for our flagship university. During last year’s session, a higher education bonding initiative to assist with the state’s capital needs was held up. It is
time for lawmakers to pass this resolution and allow the people of Missouri to vote on
that initiative.

• MLN supports a change to the state’s Access Missouri Scholarship program to more equitably distribute scholarship monies among students at private and public universities. Currently, students attending private universities get more than twice as much as students attending public universities. Given that Missouri ranks near the bottom (45th) in the U.S. for its per capita funding of public higher education, but near the top (fourth) in the percentage of state funding going to students at private institutions, something needs to change. We need to equalize the Access Missouri program so all four-year students get the same amount.

Finally, I invite you to become a Mizzou advocate. Please send me a note, or visit our advocacy page
, where you can sign up to receive information on all the issues that are important to Mizzou. With your help and advocacy, we can continue to make a difference.

Todd McCubbin, M Ed ’95 ,
executive director, Mizzou Alumni Association