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Mizzou Grad Accepted to Filmmaking Program During 2010 Cannes Festival

Drew StewartDrew Stewart, BS ‘09 is one of the most promising young filmmakers working out of St. Louis, MO.  He first realized his filmmaking dreams while at the University of Missouri. 

Drew loaned out a cheap camera from the local public access station and created Illegally Downloaded TV, a sketch comedy show which he wrote, directed, and edited.  After receiving rave reviews by the local press and prominent bloggers (hip hop blogger Byron Crawford claimed it almost made him soil himself), the show was picked up by the University station where it was broadcasted to thousands. 

IDTV, for short, ran for two full semesters and found a legion of fans before Drew graduated in May 2009, ending the show's run.

After working in corporate video for a summer, Drew moved to Victoria, Texas to take a fall internship at the local newspaper.  It was mostly unfulfilling until he encountered a family man who had been diagnosed with ALS- a fatal neurological disease with no cause and no cure. 

From here Drew self-produced a feature-length documentary film around the father, his family, and the love and struggle that arose from the disease.  He is currently wrapping production on the film, which will premiere in Victoria this June.

But Drew realized his greatest triumph yet when he was accepted into the Real Ideas Studio Program at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.  After applying and interviewing, Drew was chosen to be a director for one of the ten short documentaries produced in the program, which will then be screened in a competition at the festival. 

Alongside this, Drew's 2009 short thriller film The Case will be screened at the Short Films Corner at Cannes. 

After Cannes, Drew plans on raising funds for his first full-length fiction film, a coming-of-age comedy he explains as "American Graffiti in a nightclub."  Until then Drew commits himself to illuminating human emotion and making life a little brighter through film.  Drew, 24, was born in Charleston, WV but now resides in St. Louis, MO. 


Documentary teaser: (2010)

A seven minute teaser for Drew's full length documentary film, premiering this June.

Trailer for The Case: (2009)

Trailer for Drew's 2009 short thriller The Case, which will screen at this year's Cannes Film Fest in the Short Films Corner. 

24 in 24 Seconds: (2008)

Drew's short spoof of the TV series 24.  An excerpt from his former sketch comedy show "Illegally Downloaded TV"

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