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Land and Sea Travel Tips

The following summarizes information available on the Department of Homeland Security’s website.
  • Currently:
U.S. citizens need to present either (a) a passport, passport card (available in spring 2008), or WHTI-compliant document ; or (b) a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, along with proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate.
  • Later:
On June 1, 2009, the U.S. government will implement the full requirements of the land and sea phase of WHTI. The proposed rules require most U.S. citizens entering the United States at sea or land ports of entry to have a passport, passport card, or WHTI-compliant document.
Note: The passport requirement does NOT apply to U.S. citizens traveling to or returning directly from a U.S. territory.

Visa Acquisition

Do you need a visa for travel? See which countries require U.S. travelers to have a visa for entry. If you have booked a tour, please check with the tour provider to see if the cost of a visa is included in the trip cost and how to obtain your visa.

Baggage Limits

Check your airline's website using the links below for current baggage limits:

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