2014 Talking Points for Conversations with Legislators

MU Measures Up 
  • MU now has an enrollment surpassing 34,600 students.
  • MU has the fastest enrollment growth of any university in the Association of American Universities.
  • MU is not seeing a reduction in quality in terms of retention and graduation rates or minority enrollment. 
  • The average time MU students take to complete their degrees is 4.28 years.

MU is operating at state funding levels below FY2000



  • FY 2014 Budget:
    • $182 million - State Appropriation
    • $353 million - Tuition
    • $37 million - Recovery of Indirect Costs
  • Because of reductions in state funding, MU is now operating at a funding level from the state below FY2000.
  • With continued enrollment growth, MU has increased efficiencies and streamlined operations to provide education to more students. Faculty are teaching more sections, classes are being offered during more time slots and staff are supporting campus operations with reduced budgets and staffing.
  • MU Extension is operating at a funding level that is 20 percent below that of a few years ago. The university successfully worked with the Missouri General Assembly to enact a statutory change to allow extension to form optional local districts to increase efficiencies and provide a way to fund future extension programming at the local level.   

MU has a unique mission to the state

  • No other institution has a mission of teaching, research, service and economic development. MU is excelling in all of these areas.
  • MU attracts more than $253 million in federal research dollars annually to Missouri.
  • MU plays a key role in educating future doctors, nurses and physical and occupational therapists. The state must provide operating budget support to continue recent efforts to expand the output of graduates in these fields.

MU has growing capital improvement needs

  • No new capital construction funded by the state has occurred since 2003.
  • Institutions face a growing backlog of maintenance and repair projects that state funding has not supported in recent years. The University of Missouri currently faces a $1.19 billion backlog of maintenance and repair projects.
  • The state needs to support its public higher education institutions with capital funding.