Making Mizzou StrongerThe University of Missouri's Office of Gift Planning and Endowments is dedicated to helping donors, prospective donors and professional advisers learn about opportunities to support the University of Missouri through deferred giving including charitable opportunities at the Mizzou Alumni Association.

The Office of Gift Planning and Endowments invites supporters to make a difference through endowments, testamentary gifts or gifts that give back.


With gifts of at least $25,000, donors may create endowments for scholarships, technology, events, communications and other purposes. These gifts may be in the form of cash, securities—stocks and bonds—or property.

Testamentary Gifts
Bequests are one of the easiest forms of planned giving. A bequest may be provided through a will or trust, but it must be worded correctly in order to ensure that the donor's wishes are fulfilled. The Office of Gift Planning and Endowments will provide sample language that may assist in establishing a bequest.

Donors may name the Mizzou Alumni Association as the beneficiary of their retirement account. This gift option may provide significant income tax and estate tax benefits.

Permanent life insurance policies may be donated to the Mizzou Alumni Association. Donors will obtain the greatest tax benefits by naming the Mizzou Alumni Association as both the owner and beneficiary of the gifted policy.

Gifts That Give Back
Donors and the alumni association both receive financial rewards through the following
four types of gifts:

* A charitable gift annuity is a simple, contractual agreement between MAA and a donor in which assets are transferred to the alumni association in exchange for life payments. Payments can be for one or two persons. Rates are based on age. After the annuitant's lifetime, the remainder is available to be used by the alumni association as specified by the donor.

* When donors transfer cash or other assets to a charitable remainder trust, these funds are invested, and quarterly income from the trust is paid to the donor or to others chosen by the donor. When the trust is terminated, the remaining funds are transferred to MAA.

* The University's Pooled Income Fund is similar to a mutual fund. This fund allows gifts to be "pooled" with those from other donors, and prorated shares of the fund's earnings are distributed to all donors. After a donor's lifetime, the remainder of his or her interest in the fund is transferred to the alumni association.

* A retained life estate allows donors to contribute their home to the alumni association while continuing to live there. The Mizzou Alumni Association becomes the sole owner of the property either when donors choose to move from their home or after their lifetime.

The information provided on planned gifts is presented in summary form. For an illustration of a planned gift tailored to a specific request, donors may contact Todd McCubbin, Executive Director at or (800) 372-6822. Also, donors should consult with their attorneys or tax advisers for legal and tax advice.