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2016 Legislative Platform
The University of Missouri (Mizzou) serves a unique role as Missouri’s largest public research, land-grant university. Even in challenging economic times, the state must provide predictable and stable funding for higher education and must continue to reinvest in Mizzou. The Mizzou Legislative Network, in support of the best interests and traditions of Mizzou, recognizes the University of Missouri System’s 2016 legislative priorities and shall partner with the UM System to advance those priorities which are proportional to the mission of and beneficial to Mizzou, the state’s flagship university.



Maintaining funding for the university’s core operating budget is the highest priority. The Mizzou Legislative Network supports the UM System’s request to assure the core appropriation of $447.3 million for the FY2016 operating budget.

Higher education should be spared additional cuts even in difficult budget times. The university continues to educate more students each year and contributes substantially to Missouri’s economic development and job growth.

The MLN supports the following budget requests:

  • $8.7 million to further invest in STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and research capacity
  • $10 million for MU School of Medicine partnership in Southwest Missouri
  • $21.7 million for improved outcomes and meeting performance measures


The MLN supports the ongoing opportunities for 50/50 public-private matching partnerships including the following projects:

  • $12.9 million for the MU School of Music
  • $3 million for the Missouri Orthopedic Institute’s Center for Regenerative Orthopedics
  • $1.5 million for MU’s Teaching and Research Winery

The MLN supports additional maintenance and repair funding to complete the next phase of renovations and STEM facility improvements including $16.8 million for McKee Hall. 

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