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2015-2016 Executive Committee

The Mizzou Legislative Network Committee was established to bring MU alumni together in a unified front to encourage support for the institution and public higher education in the Missouri General Assembly and among other public governing bodies. The committee further exists to plan activities, including a newsletter, for the Mizzou Legislative Network, which is made up of MU alumni and supporters in Missouri who have expressed an interest in following higher education issues in the general assembly.


- Monitor legislation relating to higher education and communicate important legislative activity to the board.
- Coordinate strategy relating to higher education legislation and communication between Mizzou alumni and legislators.
- Sponsor Mizzou and association events for legislators.
- Organize information campaigns for topics related to MU and higher education.
- Recommend candidates for the Geyer Award to the board.

Lesa Wessler McCartney, Chair
Bob Bailey
Jackie Clark
Jay Dade
Matt Dameron
Caleb Davis
Dee Esry
Samantha Franks
William D. Greenblatt
Jim Gwinner
Pam Lehye-Morton 
Jay Lenox 
Dudley McCarter 
David Minnick 
Lowell Mohler 
Dick Moore 
Wally Pfeffer
Melodie Powell 
H. C. Russell 
Craig Thompson 
Barney Whitlock 

Ex-Officio Members:

Sherri Gallick, MAA Governing Board President
Todd McCubbin, MAA Executive Director
Brian Millner, Office of the Chancellor
Marty Oetting, Director, Governmental Relations, UM System